Top 10 Best Christian Grieving Songs

If you’re looking for the perfect way to soothe a hurting heart, then creating a comforting playlist filled with Christian songs is one way to help you through the grieving process. Christian songs and songs of Worship uplift us all and serve as a reminder of hope, in this life and the next. They are a perfect way to help you express your emotions if you are at a loss for words.

These songs are a tribute to God’s goodness and can help you bring your focus to Heaven and to those that are watching you from above. Remember that God is by your side, especially during times of pain and suffering so use these songs to bring comfort to your broken heart and allow yourself time to grieve.

This list is a beautiful mix of songs you can listen to on repeat when your heart needs mending. 

1. I Am Not Alone, Kari Jobe

Top 10 Best Christian Grieving Songs, I Am Not Alone, Kari Jobe

Let Kari Jobe’s uplifting song “I Am Not Alone” serve as your guiding light in your darkest moments. Jobe’s beautifully crafted lyrics serve as a reminder that we are never without God’s support and that we can gain comfort in his love. Even at your loneliest moments, trust that God is there watching over you, helping you conquer life’s struggles. This song is your message of hope, reassuring you that no matter how low in life you get, or how you might be struggling, God is there to bestow love, peace, and strength.

2. Same God, Elevation Worship

Same God, Elevation Worship, Top 10 Best Christian Grieving Songs

This inspiring song by Elevation Worship is definitely one to add to the playlist. A poetic testament to unwavering faith, “Same God” encourages the listener to put all their confidence in the constant and ever-present power of God’s love. Even though you may not be able to see Him and at times you feel like He has abandoned you, God is always by your side. His guidance is constant to those who put their Faith in Him and trust that he always has their best interest at heart.

3. God is in This Story, Katy Nichole & Big Daddy Weave

God is in This Story, Katy Nichole & Big Daddy Weave, Top 10 Best Christian Grieving Songs

“God is in This Story” brings with it a message of hope and an articulation of God’s active presence in our lives. Even in times of deep sadness, God is there working behind the scenes to relieve us of this heartache and to give us the power to move on with our lives. He is there to guide us on the path of true righteousness if we let him.

4. Tell Your Heart to Beat Again, Danny Gokey

Tell Your Heart to Beat Again, Danny Gokey, Top 10 Best Christian Grieving Songs

Listen to the beautifully written words in Danny Gokey’s “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”, and you will find the strength and courage to lift yourself up, dust yourself off, and start again. If you’ve ever suffered heartbreak or pain, then this song can act as your blueprint for how to allow yourself to love again. Always remember that suffering isn’t constant and if you allow yourself to have faith true happiness will find its way back to you again.

5. Even Unto Death, Audrey Assad

Even Unto Death, Audrey Assad, Top 10 Best Christian Grieving Songs

A true song of Worship, “Even Unto Death” reminds us of God's enduring love through this life and the next. An ever-present being, God will remain by your side no matter what. If you truly believe in God’s love and grace, then you never need to fear His absence for even unto death he will be with you.

6. I Will Carry You, Ellie Holcomb

I Will Carry You, Ellie Holcomb, Top 10 Best Christian Grieving Songs

Listening to this song we are reminded that we are truly never alone and that God’s love is there to shepherd us through times of strife. If you are experiencing hardships just look to God to shower you with His love. Erase all fear and doubt from your mind because His love is unconditional and his support everlasting. Listen to “I Will Carry You” for a boost of hope and reassurance that you will overcome any adversity.

7. You Can Rest, Hillary Scott

You Can Rest, Hillary Scott, Top 10 Best Christian Grieving Songs

Lady Antebellum’s own Hillary Scott magnificently expresses the sentiment that in times of complete exhaustion, times where we feel like we cannot endure another heartbreak, it is okay to rest. Never feel guilty for taking the time to heal. There are times when we need to take care of ourselves first before we can love and look after others. If ever in doubt, look to God for reassurance and strength and He will lead you through life’s difficulties.

8. Give Me Jesus, Fernando Ortega

Give Me Jesus, Fernando Ortega, Top 10 Best Christian Grieving Songs

This traditional gospel hymn comes to life and will take you to places you’ve never been. Fernando Ortega’s rendition of “Give Me Jesus” is a true attestation that Jesus is all you truly need in your life. If you give yourself to Jesus and fill your life with Him, His strength will steer you out of harm’s way and out of the darkness and into the light of His love.

9. Held, Natalie Grant

Held, Natalie Grant, Top 10 Best Christian Grieving Songs

If God’s warm embrace were a song, it would be “Held” by Natalie Grant. Though we may not physically feel God wrapped around us, we must trust that He is there, raining down His love upon us. Through times of uncertainty and times of turmoil, God is there looking down on you and smiling upon you, leading through difficulty with His love and care. Take comfort in the fact that God is always there to hold you when you need it most.

10. When We Fall Apart, Ryan Stevenson (with Vince Gill & Amy Grant)

When We Fall Apart, Ryan Stevenson, Top 10 Best Christian Grieving Songs.png

A true anthem for those trying times in life, “When We Fall Apart” is the perfect song to lift us out of the chaos that surrounds us and keep us grounded. God’s love is empowering and when you allow yourself to be swept up in it, you can feel His power and strength. When your world seems like it is falling apart around you and like you cannot control it, look to God to navigate you through these tough times and into a life of peace and happiness.