The 10 Most Thoughtful Gifts For Someone Who Is Grieving

Loss is hard on all of us. It’s devastating when we experience our own loss but it can be just as hard when we witness someone we love experiencing grief. Knowing what to say, how to help, or how to guide them through this period can be difficult as nothing can make someone stop feeling the pain of loss. Even worse, if you live far away or can’t be there for your loved one, helping can seem impossible. 

However, it doesn’t have to be. You don’t need to live next door to show someone that you care about them and that you’re thinking of them. Sometimes all it takes is sending a meaningful gift to let someone know that they are in your thoughts. 

These gifts offer comfort in times of need and will support your loved one through the grieving process.

1. A Piece of My Heart is in Heaven Angel Necklace

It’s difficult to rebuild a life when you’re missing a piece of your heart. This necklace symbolizes the love held for the ones we’ve lost and celebrates the beautiful life they led. It’s a commemoration of the joyous moments spent together and shows that nothing will take those moments away.

The angel wing shapes part of the heart, just as the way our loved ones have forever shaped ours. The beautifully inscribed words “A piece of my heart is in heaven” help give your grieving friend or family member the strength and emotional healing they need in times of hardship.

2. Always in My Heart Angel Wing Necklace

The bonds we hold with our loved ones last a lifetime and beyond. They’re written in our hearts and can never be taken away from us. This delightfully crafted infinity heart pendant is specially designed to bring a sense of warmth and comfort to those experiencing grief. 

With the exquisitely inscribed words “Always on my mind, forever in my heart”, those grieving can carry the precious memories of their loved ones with them. The delicately crafted angel wing serves as a reminder that their loved one is closer than they think and will always be by their side. 

3. To the Angel I Will Miss Wing Necklace

Not a day goes by when we don’t feel the loss of someone we’ve loved deeply who has departed too soon. Words cannot give justice to the inseparable bond we feel with our loved ones, however, some make the love we feel easier to express. 

Adorned with an angel’s wing, this stunning pendant showcases the loving words “I loved you your whole life, I will miss you for the rest of mine”. These words can help those in need express how love lasts an eternity and that the memory of a loved one will forever be cherished.

4. Not A Day Goes By Angel Wing Necklace

Designed with those grieving in mind, this pendant is the perfect gift to remember a loved one. With a beautiful angel wing design and engraved with the affectionate words “Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and smile. Or cry. Or both,” it’s a great way to show someone you’re thinking of them.

The beauty of this pendant lies in its sentiment. It’s ok to grieve and to allow the process to run its course. Let this beautiful piece of jewelry act as a gift of sympathy and comfort for someone who is grieving. 

5. Wings Of Courage Guardian Angel Necklace

This guardian angel necklace symbolizes inner strength. It reminds us that we can overcome anything. In times of grief, it can feel like our world is over, and is almost impossible to remember how strong we truly are.

This glittering angel spreading its wings signifies determination and the power to take on whatever life throws at us. It will serve as a reminder to those who are grieving that they are a warrior.

6. I'm With You Angel Feather Guardian Necklace

When our loved ones leave this world, they are never gone for good. Their presence is felt beside us, guiding us down the right path or protecting us from harm. They are our guardian angels.

This beautifully crafted pendant was designed to represent that unalterable bond with a lost loved one. Whenever you find someone feeling lost and alone, gift them this necklace and it will be their guiding light. 

7. Protect Me Always Sterling Silver Angel Wing Infinity Necklace

Loved ones we’ve lost can serve as a special angel watching over us acting as a beacon of hope. This delicate sterling silver pendant is adorned with an infinity sign enveloped by a pair of graceful angel wings, which serve as a reminder that we are all capable of achieving our dreams. 

This unique and jeweler-certified pendant is strong enough to ignite energy within someone who is in grief and will assure them that what they desire most can be theirs.

8. I’ll Miss You Forever Angel Wing Necklace

The true path in life can be a long and winding one. With a guardian angel protecting us and gently guiding us in which direction to take, this path becomes a lot easier to follow. 

This pendant, inspired by the protectiveness of an angel’s wing, will help spark hope within a grieving loved one when all might seem lost. Lovingly inscribed with the words “I loved you your whole life, I will miss you for the rest of mine,” this pendant offers a much-needed pick-me-up for those who need it.

9. Tender Whispers Angel Wing Necklace

There is never a time in life when we don’t feel the loss of a loved one. The relationship with the loved ones we’ve lost lasts a lifetime and will live on forever in our hearts. 

The design of this truly unique heart-shaped pendant with a delicate angel wing symbolizes this eternal bond we hold with those we’ve lost. Affectionately inscribed with the words, “Sometimes I whisper ‘I miss you,’ and believe that you can still hear me,” this pendant will help those in grief remember that their loved one is always looking down on them from heaven.

10. I Will Hold You In My Heart Angel Wing Necklace

Our hearts will forever cherish the memories of our loved ones, holding onto them with tenderness and love. Though they may be gone from this world, they will never be gone from our thoughts. 

This angel wing pendant serves as a beautiful reminder of the love we have for those lost and is a great way to remind those who are grieving that their loved ones are still in their heart. With the words, “I will hold you in my heart until I hold you in my arms in heaven,” thoughtfully engraved on it, this pendant will offer endless comfort. 

Gifts For Someone Who Is Grieving

When life gets your loved ones down, reach out to them and let them know you care. Gifting something sentimental is a great way to show love and spread Gods word.