(Updated) The Best Christian Gifts for Women [2022]

If you have a Christian woman in your life, don’t just settle for buying another gift card or scarf for that special occasion! Why not get her something more meaningful, that she will not only enjoy but also encourage her relationship with God?

There is one thing all Christian women have in common and that is their love of Jesus! The gifts below are sure to inspire faith and devotion subtly and elegantly. Each piece of handcrafted artisan jewelry is a blessing that will spark a never-ending relationship with the Lord. 

Whether you’re searching for that perfect Christmas present, a unique birthday gift or your anniversary is around the corner, these faith-based gifts are sure to delight the devout Christian woman.

Angel's Embrace Sterling Silver Ring

If you want to remind the Christian woman in your life that her Guardian Angel is forever watching over her, this sterling silver ring will do just that!

With its delicate angel wing embellished with 12 glistening cubic zirconia stones, the Angel’s Embrace ring will serve as a source of endless inspiration of faith and the knowledge that angels are forever watching over us and guiding us throughout our lives. 

Give the gift of hope with this beautifully constructed, gleaming ring, filled with messages of promise and support.

A Piece of My Heart is in Heaven Angel Necklace

An elegantly crafted necklace full of thoughts of love and remembrance could be just the gift for that Christian woman in your life, especially if she has suffered a loss or heartbreak.

The finely designed angel wing that shapes part of the heart serves as a gentle reminder of the loved ones who have gone before us and of the happy memories shared with them. With the beautifully inscribed words “A piece of my heart is in heaven”, this gift will offer strength and faith to those who need it most. 

What better way to show someone you love and care about them than by gifting them a token of treasured memories that will live in their heart till the end of time?  

Just a Thought Away Sterling Silver Angel Wings Ring

Engraved with the delightfully written words “You are never more than a thought away”, this sterling silver ring is the perfect gift for that Christian woman who may not always be physically present in your life but is close to your heart. 

The delicate rose gold-plated angel wings celebrate life and the infinite loving bond between you and your loved one. This ring acts as a cherished reminder that you are always thinking of your loved one, even though distance may keep you apart. 

Let your tenderness and thoughts be known by gifting this graceful ring that will solidify the bond with your loved one for years to come. 

In the Presence of Angels Sterling Silver Guardian Ring

Serving as a gorgeous reminder that angels walk with you every step of the way throughout life, this wonderfully designed sterling silver ring is the perfect present for a Christian woman to remember that she is always protected.

Adorned with a brightly sparkling angel wing, its finely made shape contours the finger perfectly. Its design offers the wearer guidance, strength, and the wisdom that they are forever loved and supported by their Guardian Angel.

Gift this ring as a symbol of your love and the idea that the wearer will always be carefully looked after. 

Always in My Heart Angel Wing Necklace

The bond between you and your loved one can never be broken. This exquisitely crafted necklace is sure to be treasured by the Christian woman in your life. 

An elegant infinity heart pendant engraved with the words “Always on mind, forever in my heart” will capture your loved one’s heart and comfort them with the knowledge that they are loved and are looked after by the angels that watch over them. 

Let your loved one know that you are always by their side and that your loving attachment can never be severed.

Wings Of Protection Sterling Silver Angel Wing Earrings

If the Christian woman in your life’s favorite accessory is earrings, these dazzling sterling silver earrings will be a perfect surprise. 

A powerful symbol of protection, love, and light, these glittering angel wings will carefully wrap around your loved one, giving them a loving embrace. With a captivating and ethereal look and texture to them, these earrings are sure to capture your loved one’s heart and garner compliments on their beauty and elegance.

For the woman in your life who bestows her light upon the world, return the favor by gifting her with a dazzling symbol of appreciation and admiration.

Not A Day Goes By Angel Wing Necklace

Loss is hard on all of us, especially around the holidays or special occasions. 

If the Christian woman in your life has experienced significant loss, give her the gift of comfort and optimism to overcome her grief and sorrow. Splendidly engraved with the words “Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and smile. Or cry. Or both”, this beautiful heart-shaped pendant is a bold reminder that you are with your loved one through the bad times and the good.  

The gift of remembrance is as precious as any other gift your loved one may receive and will be appreciated throughout their life. 

Angel Wings of Love Bracelet

Celebrate your beloved Christian woman with a beautifully adorned and eye-catching bracelet. 

Your loved one deserves to be honored for their achievements whether big or small. With this stunningly crafted bracelet with gleaming blue and white stones, and an angel’s wings and heart, your loved one is sure to feel your love and adoration as soon as they put it on. 

An excellent display of your devotion, this bracelet will make for a divine and treasured gift.

Protect Me Always Sterling Silver Angel Wing Infinity Necklace

Show your Christian loved one that you support her dreams and will stand by her side until they are achieved. 

This soft and modest sterling silver necklace is embellished with a delicate infinity symbol lovingly cradled between angel wings, symbolizing one’s hopes and dreams and their enduring journey to accomplish them. 

Give your loved one the support and encouragement she needs to reach her goals and realize her most precious dreams. 

Forever by My Side Sterling Silver Angel Ring

There is beauty in everything, especially in the heart and soul of your loved one. 

Serving as a representation of the unalterable and unbreakable bond between you and the Christian woman you hold so dear to your heart, this light, and softly crafted sterling silver ring is perfect if you want to assure your loved one that she is never alone. With a strikingly beautiful angel wing and glistening heart garnished with 11 cubic zirconia stones, this ring is a  simple reminder of your unending bond with your loved one. 

A truly remarkable piece of feminine sophistication, this ring will amaze the cherished Christian woman in your life.