Angel Wings Spiritual Meaning

If you feel deeply connected with the image of Angel wings, or just love the way they look and want to learn more about their deeper meaning, then keep reading!

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  • Angel Wings Representations and Symbolism
  • Angel Wings Spiritual Meaning
  • Angel Wings Jewelry

Angel Wings Representations and Symbolism

Angel wings have been represented throughout history, offering up a number of different meanings.

One representation of Angel wings conveys a sense of tranquility and purity.

They can also be seen as a symbol of hope for those who need it.

Angel wings can embody a person’s wish or desire to escape and the faith that one is escaping to better circumstances and a life full of contentment.

The angelic quality of these wings demonstrates how the spirit is liberated and free.

However, not all Angel wings are depicted in the same manner.

Depending on how the wing is represented, the meaning or significance will differ.

They can exemplify purity, innocence, and virtue or they can signify the strength of a warrior depending on how they are presented.

Open wings are the most common representation of Angel's wings, which hold a clear meaning of flight and freedom. They are ready and open to soar and are free to drift wherever life may take them.

A single angel wing, most usually the right wing, signifies protection. This single wing usually implies safety as if offering protection underneath the wing of an angel.

Closed wings or an outstretched wing can represent refuge or support, as though someone is being taken under another’s wing.

Larger and more detailed wings commonly refer to the wings of an Archangel, or a high-ranking Angel soldier of God. They show strength and a warrior’s spirit.

White or ivory wings signify the light or good side. They are a representation of all that is positive and hopeful in the world, bringing a message of faith.

Black or dark wings usually represent a fallen angel or dark being. This connotation can be one of sadness or darkness within. It does not necessarily mean evil but shows one’s imperfections and failings.

Angel Wings Spiritual Meaning

While Angel wings take on different meanings and significance for the individual, spiritually Angel wings have meanings that have developed over centuries and across different cultures and religions.

We're Christians, so we believe Angel wings represent God's grace bestowed upon humanity through Jesus Christ as well as his sacrifice to save humanity from sin.

Though Angels and their wings have taken on various shapes and hold a different significance for different Christians, three main themes seem to thread their way through, no matter the faith.


Angel wings most commonly represent protection. Protection from evil, negativity, or life’s sorrows.

Those who keep Angel wings close to their person find comfort in the idea that they are there to shield them from darkness and defend them from those with malicious intent. They are a symbol of safety and security.

In both the Torah and the Bible, Angel wings are used as a metaphor for protection. Psalm 91:4 says of God: “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings, you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” This same psalm mentions that God promises to protect from enemies, shield from all harm, and care for humans as if they were his own children.

Guardian Angel

Everyone is said to have a Guardian Angel, a spiritual entity or being residing in heaven that is said to watch over them.

This guardian can be someone who has passed or another special person who keeps watch to ensure the daily protection and safety of the individual. A Guardian Angel can also be seen as a guide. Someone that cares deeply about an individual and who tries to shepherd a person in the right direction.

There is mention of a Guardian Angel in the Bible, Psalm 91, Verse 11 which goes on to say “For he [God] will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”

This representation in the Bible shows an angelic being serving as a guide in one’s day-to-day life, protecting one from harm and helping them find a path to safety and salvation.

Hope and Strength

Angel wings come up time and time again in religion to act as a picture of hope or strength in difficult times.

As a symbol of God’s power and his love and care for humanity, Angel wings let individuals know that they are not alone. They empower someone to rise against adversity, negativity, and catastrophe.

Angel wings are a gentle reminder of how truly blessed one is and how beautiful the world can be. They usher in a sense of happiness, hope, faith, and the courage to keep going.

Angel Wings Jewelry

Angel wings carry different meanings to different people. They may choose to wear them as a pendant, earrings, or a ring to symbolize an event or person holding significance to them.

Angel wings can bring comfort in a time of loss and grief. They may act as a symbol of love or remembrance for someone who was taken from this world but will live on in the wearer’s heart. This same loved one could act as a Guardian Angel for the wearer and the wings hint at this everlasting protection.

Whatever the deeper meaning may be, Angel wings serve as a representation of protection. They give the wearer hope and strength to fight another day. They are a reminder that no one is alone and help one take comfort in that feeling.