About Our Jewelry

Your story is our inspiration. And your story makes our jewelry more than just an adornment. Lindastars jewelry is a statement that expresses your story, your hopes and dreams. Our designs reflect the beauty of life, the joy that love brings, and the inspiration you seek, as well as the strength of your unbreakable connection to the guiding forces on the other side. Our intent for every piece of our jewelry is that it brings to your mind a special memory or inspire a hopeful and joyful feeling when you wear it. 

As our hallmark symbol, the angel wing is a guiding element in our designs, a delicate and beautiful reminder of the fragility and hopefulness of life. The angel wing is a universal symbol that transcends culture, religion, and language and tells a story of hope, inspiration, protection and connection. Not only is it a sign of the angels in your life, our angel wing symbolizes the preciousness of life itself, of which we must sometimes be reminded.

Even when you are faced with struggle or grief, challenges or obstacles, there is always a helping hand, a guiding light, and your special Lindastars piece that will be your grounding keepsake—a comforting reminder that you are loved, protected, and supported.

When you choose a piece of Lindastars jewelry you choose originally designed and deeply meaningful jewelry that will inspire, bring hope, connection, love and be a stunning reminder of the beauty of life, always.