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Collection: Angel Wing Keychains

Even when they are no longer with us, they remain in our hearts. The loss of our loved ones is a lonely journey but the memories and the good times we shared always put a smile on our face. Using an angel keychain is one of the ways to stay connected with our loved ones even after their departure.

It serves as a memory and offers guidance when we find ourselves in times of uncertainty. You have to make sure that you get one that is custom made and carries the words that describe your feelings, emotions and the strong bond that you shared with your loved one.

Why own an angel keychain?

Love and comfort after the loss of a loved one

Compassion and love are essential. We all need a source of love to assure us that everything is going to be alright. Angels are always associated with love and comfort. The innocent look and purity of angels are enough to show us that someone cares about us.

In the absence of support from your loved ones, you can rely on the angel keychain to offer you the comfort that you need. Reading the engraved words and carrying it with you wherever you go is the best way to stay positive. The love, comfort, and protection remain with you every day and will make the healing journey easier.

Healing energy

An angel keychain comes with healing energy that helps in overcoming all the sorrows and sadness after the loss of a loved one. It’s natural to feel sad and even blame others for the death of our loved one. Unfortunately, the bitterness, sorrow, and pain only cause harmful effects on our mental and physical health.

Carrying a symbol of positive energy with you all the time is an excellent way to get rid of the pain. Angels are a symbol of purity; they help in eliminating all the negativity and they introduce peace of mind and forgiveness.

Clarity and discernment

When dealing with a loss, we get tempted to do irrational things. We do things that we would not have done if we were in the right frame of mind. The good news is that an angel keychain can be great when looking for clarity and discernment.

When you have something that emits pure and positive energy, you will always be guided to do the right thing. Even when covered by sorrow and loneliness, it will be easy to make the right decisions.


Protection is always necessary in our daily lives. Blocking negative energy, negative people, and even physical spaces is the best way to live a holistic life. An angel wing keychain will offer you protection from negative forces and lead you to the right path. When you have it in your pocket, you will be able to identify negative forces and know how to avoid them. The angel keychain carries positive energy, and it will always be able to identify negative energy and repel it.

Stay connected with guides and spirits

Wearing a guardian angel bracelet is an excellent way to stay connected with guides and spirits. You need to make sure that you channel your inner self and allow your spirituality to be guided. We are spiritual beings and angels and spirits should guide all our movements and decisions.

With proper spiritual guidance, you will know that you are making right decisions in your everyday life. The guides and spirits will always guide you to the right things and help you stay away from the negativity and evil forces of the world.

How guardian angel bracelets and angel wing keychains offer guidance

Spiritual guidance is essential to our life and daily activities. Having something to guide your daily activities is necessary so that you can follow the right direction at work, school, vacation and with every other thing that you do. Below are some tips to help you when using angels for guidance.

Positive thoughts and energy

Wearing a guardian angel bracelet with crystals will help you store positive energy. The positive energy is a source of healing power and walking with it everywhere you go makes all the difference.

However, you have to bring the energy into action by having positive thoughts and intentions in your heart. The positive thoughts and intentions in your heart will activate the crystal to produce even more positive energy.


Mediation is a great way to connect with your inner being, spirits, and angels. The best thing about meditation is the fact that it allows you to enjoy a quiet moment away from daily distractions. You can use an angel keychain during your meditation process. Go to your meditation room and focus on your breathing while holding it. You will be surprised by the amount of power that it possesses and the strength coming out of it.

Reflection and thanksgiving

Reflection and Thanksgiving are excellent ways to activate and reprogram. If you feel that you are no longer connecting with the angels, then you need to focus mainly on reflection. Reflection allows you to go back and appreciate all the right things that life has to offer.

You can reflect by going back to nature in an environment that will allow you to think. When starting your reflections, make sure that you carry your angel keychain with you. At the end of the reflection period, remember to consider Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving at the end of reflection brings out the healing and positive energy.


A heart of forgiveness will go a long way in your spiritual journey. You need to have a forgiving heart so that you can be able to communicate with the angels. Angels carry positive energy with them, and you will only be able to translate the positive energy that they carry if you have a pure and forgiving heart.

Before you go to bed every night, take time and release all the negative energy from your heart and mind. Sometimes we carry a lot of negative energy even without knowing it. Daily meditation and breathing exercises will go a long way in finding and releasing the negative power. When our hearts are pure, then we can connect with the purity of the angels.