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Collection: Angel Wing Rings

The death of a loved one is one of the most traumatic experiences that anyone will ever have to endure. Not only does it take away someone dear to you, it robs you of peace and forever leaves a void in your heart. Unless someone has lost a loved one, they cannot fully comprehend what death really is and how painful its occurrence is. Although your loved one is not present in the physical world, always remember that they are alive in your memories and in your heart. That’s why we have created a special angel ring collection. Angel wing rings will help you keep safe and make the memory of your love one alive.

Truth be told, there are days when we feel comforted and strong enough to get out of bed and face the world. Other times, we experience setbacks that make us relive this pain all over again. It's not easy and only the strong survive this devastation. An effective way to maintain progress and stay strong is by always keeping the happy memories of your loved one alive; in your heart and in your mind. Always remember that their departure from this world means that they are amongst the angels now. You may have lost a relative or a friend but you automatically earned a guardian angel. A constant reminder that they are now watching over you will bring you comfort and give you the strength to accept things as they are.  

As people who have lost loved ones, Linda's Angels is a company that has devoted its time and resources to offering comfort to those who have experienced this traumatic loss. We have created a spectacular collection of angel wing rings, which act as a constant reminder that there is a guardian angel watching over you. The angel wing designs are not coincidental in the creation of this line of jewelry. They are symbolic and bear a deeper meaning; a meaning you can relate to. 

What do Wings symbolize?

Angel wing rings are a symbol of divinity. God saw it worthy of your loved ones to join the deity without necessarily losing you. As a reward, these new guardian angels gain the privilege of watching over you wherever you go. You cannot see them but if you pay close attention, you will see that they are all around you; the unexplained joy in your heart, soft wind brushing against your cheeks, that happy thought in your mind and that tiny hope that everything is going to be alright. Rest assured that your guardian angel is always speaking to you.  

Angel wings mean that your loved one is now soaring beyond the physical realm. It also means that these wings will engulf you with comfort whenever you feel weak and lost. They are a shield of protection and a reminder that everything will be alright. Whenever you feel lost, sad or grieved, simply look at your angel wing ring and remember that there is a new angel looking out for you. 

What does the Angel wing ring symbolize?

Angels are God's favorites. They are deities who God saw fit to promote to heaven where there is everlasting happiness and perfection. Their body might be dead to the living but their soul, which is the most important part of a human being, lives on forever. When you think of your loved one, choose to focus on the fact that they are angels now. Heaven is a happy place that's free from sorrow, hurt, disappointments and pain. Take comfort in knowing that in time, you shall be reunited. 

Why choose an Angel Wing Ring?

A lot of thought was put in this design in terms of giving you comfort and inner peace. Each design is carefully designed to speak to different people who need the assurance that although their loved ones are gone, they are still in their lives in a non-physical way. The engulfing wings on your finger will help you feel their love around you at all times.

What's more, these rings come in a wide array of designs. Different people who share in this pain can relate regardless of what their experiences are. All you have to do is find a design that speaks to you the most. If you want, you can choose different designs of angel wing rings to alternate depending on your mood. When having a tough day, your guardian angel ring (a pair of wings in the shape of a love heart) will instantly ease the pain as you remember that their love for you still stands. People who have lost their spouses will particularly find comfort in the power of a double band love ring.  

Earning a guardian angel is a special gift and should be symbolized in an equally special way. These rings can be worn for any occasion; in the office, on a casual day around town, at celebrations. This explains why they all bear different designs so rest assured that you will find one that blends in well with your outfit/occasion for the day. A bedazzled angel wing ring will blend in perfectly at any wedding or birthday party, while plain silver or gold rings are an ideal choice for the office.  

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family who has lost someone dear to them? Most people experience trouble finding an appropriate gift to offer comfort on such a sorrowful occasion. People tend to steer away from physical gifts and cards as they will be a constant reminder of the demise of their loved one. Fortunately, guardian angel rings are appropriate and very thoughtful gifts. Indeed, you want them to be constantly reminded that their loved ones are now guardian angels who are watching over them at all times.

The variety only makes it possible for you to find the perfect ring for them. Although a great gift, each life is temporary. Death brings with it a sweep of sorrow that doesn’t fade easily. Finding the will to carry on might be a challenge but you will be comforted to know that it is the little things in life that mean the most. When the sorrowful thoughts attempt to trickle in, choose to focus on the happy memories. If these are clouded, look up to your guardian angel ring and allow the comfort that it brings heal your heart.